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Thread: Trinket Choices

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    Trinket Choices

    Plan on MT ZA soon. Really, we'd just like to get the first 2 bosses down for now, until I get a little better geared. Anyway, Trinket choices are interesting, and I'm not sure which to use. My guild's MTs all prioritize health WAY too much, but I want to be as best balanced as possible. Here are my options:

    Darkmoon: Vengeance
    45 Stam Trinket
    22 Hit Rating Trinket
    30 defense trinket

    With NO TRINKETs equipped, I'm probably at like 500def with 13K life unbuffed. Not much, I know.

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    At 13k unbuffed you should be prioritizing health. That health level I would use vengeance and the +45sta trinket you have. I really wouldn't let anyone MT ZA with under 14k health and as a warrior I would still prefer 15k health unbuffed.
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    I'd say stam for Nalorakk, and def + stam or hit(if you struggle with threat) for Aki'zon. Akil'zon doesn't really do spikes unless you forget shield block or someone is too close to you(make sure to keep melee at max range behind him and you are ok).
    For Nalorakk you might want to bring some ironshield pots aswell.

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    Ok, I'll try it out. I'll be using pots/flask probably. I haven't tanked in a bit, so it's very possible that my stats are actually a little higher than stated. But I will go Stam for the bear boss and see what happens.

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    I've healed for the bear boss and stam is a must. I've seen extremely well geared tanks die or nearly die. The silence thing the boss does is what usually causes a wipe. A tank needs to be able to take several huge hits with no heals.

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    When i tank Nalorakk i use [item]Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch[/item] and [item]Darkmoon Card: Vengeance[/item] suck down Ironshields and ready to use shield wall if needed during a silence if im not topped off

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    same brucimus, silences can realy hurt, having the pocket watch is a godsend.

    first silence: pocket watch
    2nd silence: iron shield + last stand
    3rd silence: pocket watch
    4th silence: shield wall
    5th silence: pocket watch

    if you get to 6 and you he's not dead. you're in trouble haha.

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    I don't use iron shields since they really don't help a ton as the real damage comes from the bleeds and not his melee damage.

    But I use a similar rotation except that on the second silence I pop hs and health pot, save last stand in place of shield wall. And then use shield wall as a last resort.
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    wow are you sure the ironshields dont help the bleed effects? i thought armor mitigated all physical damage

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    I am pretty sure it doesn't on the bleeds, but now that you say that I am doubting myself.

    I am fairly certain that if it did, putting a feral on the bear phase would trivialize it.
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    i think all the ironshields do is mitigate his regular hits so you dont have to deal with big spikes on TOP of the crazy bleed damage. its the same with moroes obviously. its still useful, but i dont think its as useful as just a good ol' health pot in a crisis. 2 minutes of armor is a waste.

    i use [item]Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch[/item] and [item]Scarab of Displacement[/item]for nalorakk and halazzi for the same reason in both: spiky damage during a small part of the fight. other than zul'jin phase 2, there aren't any other real tank-testing fights. threat for eagle is more useful than avoidance, especially if you are meleeing him thru the storms. be ready to pop a variety of CDs on jan'alai's enrage.

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    I was at 14.5K life unbuffed with the trinkets. We downed 4 bosses. I tanked 3 of them.

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    Guild MTs are usually in that position because they know what they're doing. Although, regrettably, that doesn't always hold true. Gearing for high health, or what is known as Effective Health (EH) in accounting for how much raw damage you can take given mitigation/avoidance, is very important.

    A MT's job can boil down to two things:

    1) Don't die
    2) Don't let others die

    #1 is more important than #2. A raid can lose an overly zealous DPSer and still down a boss, but a raid will wipe if the MT dies.

    The ways a MT avoids death are by either avoiding damage (avoidance/mitigation) or having enough health to provide healers the time necessary to cast healing spells (EH). Both are important and both will improve as your gear improves.

    That being said however, you can't count on avoidance. If you are really lucky, you might avoid 10 hits in a row. Equally, if you are really unlucky (and it *will* happen) you might have to take 10 hits in a row with a few being crushing blows. Thats the problem with avoidance, its a random chance that will sometimes work in your favour and sometimes not work in your favour. That is why EH is valued so much by solid and experienced MTs.

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