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Thread: Threat Set - stats comparisions?

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    Threat Set - stats comparisions?

    I am currently working on a threat set. My tanking gear so far has had a big survivability focus. Now the three obvious stats to shoot for in a threat set are:

    Hit Rating
    Shield Block Value

    Now, I have a hard time comparing these values to each others. Has anyone done any such testing or computing? If so a link to any resources would be great. For example how much SBV would 1 hit rating be comparable to in a TPS sense. I understand that this of course would depend on your DPS and how often you use shield slam etc. But still...

    20 hit rating, 40 SBV, what would you pick?

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    From my own threat comparison spreadsheet.....

    Relative Threat Comparisons:

    Total TPS: 815.2

    The following will add approx. 11 TPS with current gear setup:
    1. 2% Threat enchant gloves
    2. 50 SBV (raw before talented 30% bonus)
    3. 200 AP
    4. 44 Crit rating (2%)
    5. 10 exp rating (.63%)
    6. 20 hit rating (1.27%)
    7. 66 agility

    The following will add approx.18 TPS with current gear setup:
    1. T6 4 piece bonus

    The following will add approx.15 TPS with current gear setup:
    1. Increasing weapon dps by 10
    2. Decreasing weapon speed by 0.1

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