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Thread: Expose Armor, Leveling & Library

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    Expose Armor, Leveling & Library

    We always automatically discount Expose Armour with a scoff. Are we doing it a disservice? Read on to find out!
    Read Satrina's "Expose Armor vs. Sunder Armor Revisited" Here.

    Leveling Guide Updates
    Thanks to Mordok's excellent leveling research, Of Steel has also been updated with the best possible leveling spec. If you're still in the early leveling stages, be sure to read up!
    Read "Of Steel -- Guidelines for New & Leveling Warriors" Here.
    Read Mordok's "Warrior Leveling Demystified" Here.

    TankSpot Library

    In addition to the updated navbars, you'll find the new forum "TankSpot Library." This houses all of the guides originally in the Theory forums.
    Click Here to View The TankSpot Library.
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