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Thread: Xav's UI

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    When I tell Obituary to output in a custom channel, it stops producing links to the ability that made a kill. If it's outputting into my main chat channel (along with guild, etc), it is far too spammy for raids, etc. Is there a way for it to output in a custom channel and still retain the skill links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bragoon View Post

    These are boss frames (the ones that are always showing boss hp in combat)
    They are in xav's magmaw video, I believe they are pitbull but I see no option to edit the frame with in base PB's options, any idea what they are?
    After spending tons of my time searching for what this was, I figured it out. I'm pretty sure Xav is using Shadowed Unit Frames along with PitBull and just disables all the units from it except for the boss frame and uses pit for the rest. I downloaded SuF and was able to make the boss frames look exactly like they do here. Hope this helps.

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