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Thread: Haste Replace Flurry?

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    Haste Replace Flurry?

    With the new Haste items, if stacked high enough, for an Arms Warrior using an Improved Slam Spec, will there be no need for Flurry anymore?

    I just thought of this and have not had the time to crunch the numbers. What do other people think of this?


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    why would you drop flurry, even if you are hasted flurry has to be faster again....

    PS abacus of violent odds or whatever is rated as a very good trinket with haste on it...same with dragonspine trophy...doubt if you will find anyone speccing away from flurry

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    I thought with the Slam spec you needed enough time in-between white hits to effectively whirlwind or mortal strike, so there was some specific speed that you did not want to get lower then.

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    Yes, that's true. However, there's just not all that much to put those extra points into. By putting them into Flurry, you can stack other stats (like crit, AP, ArP) instead of haste.

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    Ideally, you want to be attacking as fast as possible with a two-hander. Realistically, the faster you get the harder it is to time your slams with the end of an auto-attack cycle, even moreso if you rely on procs to accomplish it, as they can be erratic in how much haste they provide at any given time. Realistically speaking, you're not likely to get your attack speed under the 3.00 mark with non-proccing gear alone, and because flurry has the most reliable proc (every time you crit) the wise solution to this problem is to take flurry and load up on a lot of crit to ensure that it's up constantly.

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