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Thread: Arms how viable ?

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    Arms how viable ?

    For pve there has always been 2 options yet fury and prot, but some warriors worked on a viable arms spec for pve, slam dps, as you all know slam is kind off viable for 25man, but my question is how viable is it for 10man such as Kara, Gruul, ZA ? I understand probably no guilds will take any dps wars as far as these raids are concernd so, i need to know if it is still possible to be a decent dpser in these raids (without having T5 or better gear)?

    I personally think that if the arms tree is here, it must be viable somehow in pve as much as in pvp, although this is really theorical, since wars have only one potential pvp tree, which is arms ( you cant pvp with fury, or prot - i guess except for AVs and stuff...)...

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    kara its diminished a lot because they are bleed immune. sucks!

    for za its definitely viable, and with decent prot gear, you can be spec'd dps ms and just help offtank anyways.

    and for gruuls well that's a 25 man, and ms pve is good in almost any 25 man raid as long as there is a good amount of melee dps.

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    Here is a link to a video that will show and tell you just how viable Arms warriors actually are in a PvE environment. Given his gear level is the best in the game, his method is the same that every Arms warrior should be using from Karazhan and onward.

    T6 WarriorGuide: How to DPS with MS By Killianz

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    thank you, although since i praticed and all, know i'm a master in the art of slamming , this post was mostly for a deeper conversation on basic stats of how viable it could be depending on the situations, as for instance, in heroics many of the boss fights, you needed to be able to move, what % those fights you think represent in WoW, cause that still ***** up your sequence

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    My guild regularly takes two DW warriors in to Kara, last time we took our main tank's fresh level 70 elemental shaman still in quest greens for a full clear. For Curator our Pally tank dual-boxed a warrior tank and a mage.

    Karazhan is not serious, you have more chance of getting in to one as arms than you think!

    (as long as your guild isn't a bunch of freaks who must maximize everything to the nth degree)

    It gets even better in 25 mans, where the issue is not so much individual constribution as it is raid synergy. In these raids an intelligent leader is willing to take an individual with poor personal DPS so long as they provide something of use: Malediction, Blood Frenzy, Imp. Demoralizing Shout, Judgement of Light/Wisdom, Windfury Totems are all extremely potent abilities in a 25-man raid setting.
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    We regularly bring an MS (DPS?) warrior into Kara.

    I would not call him much dps though. I am not here to say it is the spec. Give it a try and look at the stats closely. if you are getting blown out of the water on dps (if you arent off-tanking) then find out what it is and fix it. I may not be the spec. It could be the gear, the lag, the user...who knows.

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