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Thread: Switching Talents

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    Switching Talents

    Current talent spec: 8/5/47

    (yes, I know there's one extra talent in there I can use...)

    Considering respeccing to 11/5/45

    That would mean...
    *. losing -6% spell damage in Def. Stance, and
    *. losing 8 Defense skill

    and gaining...
    *. -3 reduced cost on Sunder Armor and Devastate, and
    *. -3 reduced cost on Heroic Strike

    Current armory link

    Assuming I can somehow tinker with my gear so that I'll still have 490 Defense, would this be a beneficial change? I'm not sure if that 6% spell damage reduction would is that essential.
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    I like it (and have a similar spec) but giving up 8 defense SKILL is almost a full 1% of avoidance/mitigation. Also right now all your core armor pieces have defense on them, that will go away some as you gear improves and defense rating will be harder to replace. Dropping a point from Cruelty (1% avoid/mit is much better than 1% crit any day of the week) and a point from Tactical Mastery (rarely charge pull in raids and Zerk Rage is 0 rage) would give you the 2 points necessary to max Anticipation.

    For what it's worth, I personally like taking one of those points from Imp. HS and dropping it in Anger Management. Even with 3/3 Imp HS, if you're spamming HS then you're in a healthy rage situation. 2/3 Imp HS and Anger Management will go a long way in rage starved situations like soloing, normal 5 man, and easy Heroics, where even with 3/3 Imp HS you won't be touching HS. It'll also provide you with a full 100 rage over time in a 5 minute boss battle.

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