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Thread: lookin for feedback on my gear/spec

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    lookin for feedback on my gear/spec

    Just wondering if my gear/spec is good enough for heroics (if any please state them) and maybe ot kara.



    any advice is highly appreciated.

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    You're pretty good OT Kara and tank some easier heroics like SP/Mech/Ramps.

    You have a lot of ways to improve yourself without getting any drops. Gear [item]Solid Star of Elune[/item]s before def/dodge gems, even if it breaks non-stam socket bonuses. If you're on a budget at least drop Elunes in your shoulders since it's likely they'll last you until you're downing Nightbane or possibly replace them with the shoulders from Heroic Sethekk Halls. You're revered with Keepers of Time so head to CoT and pick up [item]Timewarden's Leggings[/item] and drop a [item]Clefthide Leg Armor[/item] on them. Drop the Agility on your boots and replace it with Fortitude for a 12 stam updgrade. If you do the few things listed above you'll be out less than 150-200g and gain roughly 950 hitpoints which is a HUGE and important increase consider you don't need to do anything but a days worth of dailies to get it.

    Also, if you can afford the defense loss make yourself either [item]Gnomish Poultryizer[/item] or [item]Goblin Rocket Launcher[/item] for the 45 stam boost, which together with the above is a 1500 hp increase.

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