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Thread: fury stats on beginning kara?

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    fury stats on beginning kara?

    I've read somewhere around 1600ap unbuffed, 25-30%, 150 hit. What about stamina? What's the minimum?

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    if your not OT then you can be a glass cannon. shoot to start at like 9k+.

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    yeah glass canon all the way in kara.....

    I wear leather in there due to there being limited ragesteel at the time i started kara.....

    i started at 1650 AP unbuffed/26%crit/115 Hit I only had 7.5K HP and thats fine until you get to aran where you need to live through a 7.5 bolt on polymorph.....i added some stam gear for that but using commanding shout works also....

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    When I started Kara I had something crap like 1600 AP in Berserker, 200 hit and 26% crit with 8k health. I now have 1837 AP, 149 hit, 29.4% crit with 9.6k health. All of my gear (bar maybe one or two items) can be obtained either in Kara, from badges or from PVP. I logged off in my tank gear but check later when I log in my DPS gear.

    If you're not tanking you can afford to be a glass cannon. Raid buffs should put you near 10k health anyway, which is fine for anything in there. If you really need more health, use Commanding Shout, stamina food and higher stamina gear. Leather is not bad either, because I can count on one hand how many plate DPS pieces are in Kara. Just make sure you have plate backups just in case.
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