>>> Must at least be on Illidari Council <<<

Current Server: Stormreaver

Character Name: Shkrull

Class: Tauren Warrior

Current Gear: T6 and equivalents (everything except Illidan's Loot) Crush immune with 17.2k hp unbuffed

Arcane Resistance: a few, like 150 or something
Shadow Resistance: 335
Frost Resistance: around 150
Nature Resistance: 365
Fire Resistance: 365

Primary Spec: Protection

Previous Guilds Relation:
Been the MT of 3 top end guilds and the GM of one. Never left any guilds until it was dead.

Raid Times/Days Available: everydays from 7pm to 1am EST, maximum 5 days a week, others 2 are either for the lady or to farm / pvp / alts

Instances Keyed To: All

Previous Raid Instance Experience (pre TBC experience aswell): MC, BWL, AQ20, ZG, AQ40(Skeram, Bug Trio), Naxx(Spider wing, Abom wing up to Gluth), Kz, SSC, TK, ZA, HS, BT up to Illidan Phase 2 one down and one at 20%

What I'm looking for: I want to raid, nothing more, nothing less. I hate pvp since TBC, can't stand arenas, exalted with 28 factions... pretty much all that's left.

Anything else pertinent about yourself:
-Someone you can trust: I've been the Guild Miner, Guild Disenchanter, Guild Crafter and such in every guild I've been. Not the type to ninja stuff. I also have never transferred off this server and been here since day one.
-Pro Tanking: not willing to show off, but it's still what I provide, I know my shit and am always on forums and checking patch notes to be on top of my things. I also always got my flasks, Ironshields and Food.
-Dedicated: I say I want to raid, and I raid, I'm there on time and hate afkers. So far, missed 2 hours once since August.
-I hate changing stuff that works: Never left a guild until it was dead and probably never will unless it stops raiding for like, a week, wich excludes stuff like christmas and all of course.

Either send a tell in-game to Shkrull or an in-game mail or simply post here.