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    Im looking for a good intervene macro.

    Its mostly for when Im in ZA and I run with a druid healer in the group that can get 1 shotted easily if somthing ends up on him.

    So Im looking for a simple macro that can target him then intervene in 1 click of the icon.

    I was thinking something like this, player would be the name of the druid:

    /target player use intervene

    Now I know thats not probably typed out exactly right so thats where I need the help, in how to make it work. Im also assuming im in Defensive stance and have enough rage to use intervene in the first place.


    I was thinking of setting up a pure threat macro allowing me to unload all my heavy hitters in the proper order to achive max front end threat. I have ciderhelms macro for the auto-blocker wich is helpful. But is there a macro I could set up that would do say:

    1)use macro w/ auto-blocker and SS as the intial hit
    2)Devestate x2
    5)Devestate x2
    8)Devestate x1

    That would allow me to have 5 sunders on the target and get in the 4 SS's while the auto-blocker is active.

    Is this the best order to do this in to achive what Im after. And how would I type it into a macro?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you- Boda
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    /target Player
    /cast Intervene

    Another thing you can do is this macro that will let you intervene a friendly target or the target of the mob that got loose

    /cast [help] Intervene
    /cast [target=targettarget, harm] Intervene

    If all you want to do is press the button every GCD, this would work, but if you hit it before the GCD, it would screw up your rotation (I think). As far as I know there is no way to call a macro from inside a macro. Even if this fits in the 255 char limit for macros, you should just press the buttons, since you'll need them on your bar anyway.

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