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Thread: Duel Wielding - What Is Your Rotation?

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    Duel Wielding - What Is Your Rotation?

    I have a fury warrior and am not achieving the dps I expected with my gear and spec. I'm wondering if it is possible that I am not using the correct rotation during combat. I would be interested to know what other dual wielders use.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Assuming you have 1 pt in Imp WW (if you dont, you should), your rotation should look like this:

    0.0 BT
    1.5 WW
    3.0 Free
    4.5 Free
    6.0 BT
    7.5 Free
    9.0 Free
    10.5 WW
    12.0 BT

    This assumes plenty of rage, which is almost always the case. Use the Free space in your GCD rotation to refresh Shouts and Rampage(only in the last 10 secs) and throw Heroic Stikes when you have more than 50 Rage. Of course, even if you do all this, you still won't be at 100% unless you have an Enhancement Shaman. They make make Fury DPS go from good to "holy sh*t."

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    Even if you refresh a shout and rampage every cycle (the whole 12 seconds) you still have 2 free GCDs. My DW fury friend seems to always have tons of rage and I know he is doing HS. What would you use for the other GCDs? I told him he should spam Hamstring unless he is worried about threat. Again, he always has plenty of rage (even on boss fights).

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    Hamstring can be pritty nice, it doesnt benifit from totem anymore but it can make procs go off . I use it aswell in my rotation.
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    Don't forget to keep demoralizing shout and sunder armor up if nobody else is doing the job.

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