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Thread: Hate to ask, but want input for next upgrade

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    Hate to ask, but want input for next upgrade

    I hate to ask, but I am having a terrible time deciding what to upgrade next. I will have ~80 badges by Sunday. We have enough tanks now that my Kara days are probably mostly over so badge intake will likely only trickle in after this purchase.


    Already have legs, cloak, bracers, neck.

    I am the MT for my guild (very casual), but this week we should have Lurker and Hydross down. We will probably look at VR and Solarian in the coming week or two, and we plan on doing Mags somewhere in the next 2-3 weeks.

    We have bear/eagle and their timed chests down. Lynx goes down without too much issue. Dragonhawk makes me cry, but we are dedicating two nights this week to try for a full clear... maybe it will happen.

    So, [item]Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian[/item], [item]Bonefist Gauntlets[/item] or [item]Iron-tusk Girdle[/item].

    Right now I use [item]Bloodstained Elven Battlevest[/item] or [item]Vindicator's Hauberk[/item], [item]Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden[/item], and [item]Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable[/item].

    Chest would be a great upgrade, but so would the belt (Leo may not be that far off - we are already prepping a lock to be ready to tank him).

    I am just 2 nether vortices from being able to switch to Armorsmithing to craft the [item]Bulwark of Ancient Kings[/item], though I am hoping to stall this until the 2.4 patch notes come out to see if they are doing anything with smithing.

    Help put some perspective into my confusion. Thanks!
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    In my opinion, the Maiden gloves can hold you for a long time. Eventually you'll want to replace them, and while the Bonefists are certainly an upgrade, they are not as big of an upgrade as the other two. Personally, I would go with the Iron-tusk Girdle; I believe it to be better than the belt off Leo. And if you can clear ZA, then you have a shot at the Chestguard of the Warlord, which is a clear upgrade over the Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian.

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    You didn't mention the Auto-Blocker trinket in your list, and you're logged out in fury gear atm so I can't tell if it was just an accidental omission or not. If not, it sounds like that may be your best upgrade for huge threat/dps increase, and decent EH while Shield Block is up.

    If you aren't sure what to buy because you see better upgrades right around the corner, you can't go wrong with the auto-blocker. I can't imagine myself replacing that trinket for a long while.

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