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Thread: What to upgrade next

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    What to upgrade next

    Good Morning,

    some weeks ago I raised a thread in the forums to check if I am ready to do Kara.

    Well thanks to your tips etc I tweaked my gear a little and my guild started Kara about 3 weeks ago. We are a very casual guild and only manage one run per week but we cleared Attumen, Maiden and Moroes so far and didnt had any issues. Tanking worked like a charm and healers didnt had any issues with keeping me up.

    Now we are planning to do Opera and Curator next week and Curator seems to be some kind of gear check which should prevent undergeared groups from progressing any further, hence I need a second gear check with some advises.

    Please see my armory profile:

    14106 Armor
    15219 HP selfbuffed
    506 Defense
    17,23% Dodge
    16,37% Parry
    16,24% Block

    I am trying to get the Sun Eater on a regular basis but so far I dont got any luck. Think I have seen the epic cloth boots like a hundred times . Not even the epic dps pants will drop....*grumbel*

    Now the question is what parts to upgrade first now?

    I got the CE Necklace as well and every guide recommends to use it but I will lose a lot Stamina and Trade it for Defense and Dodge? Is that really worth it?

    Would be nice if you could point me in the right direction to my next "big" upgrades. The 75 badge pants are very tempting but 75 badges...*argh*

    Please also notice that some of my gear is not yet perfectly gemmed/enchanted because I dont want to waste money on my blue items which are hopefully soon be replaced by some better quality epics.

    Thanks for all the help in advance!


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    First off, congrats on Kara!!
    Dont be shy to waste money on gems, I know that 50g per uncutted gem can be an arse, but mate, they're worth it.
    As for your gear, lets see:
    Ring: I'd change the Mark for [item]Eternium Band of the Sentry[/item]
    Easily farmeable @ Arc regular

    :O Your chest is a no-no:
    As you're aldor, go for [item]Vindicator's Hauberk[/item] or [item]Breastplate of the Bold[/item] if you're fine on def rating (3-gem slot makes it really nice chest) - Also check for [item]Jade-Skull Breastplate[/item]

    For badge upgrade, visit: Badge of Justice Tanking Pick Order - Warrior - TankingTips.com

    And... I've tanked Curator last night with pretty less than that (12.8k hp/armor). So you can do it!!!

    Best of lucks!

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    The CE neck is worth it; I used it for months until Maiden dropped her neck and I have a friend that is a feral druid in BT that was using it until he recently bought the badge one; it's that good. The ring from Arcatraz is very good and is well worth the time you would invest. I'll agree on the chest too; Vindicator's Hauberk will last you until you get an epic one.

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    Thanks for your recommendations!

    I was kinda lucky the last week as Maiden dropped her Neck, I got Sun Eater finally and Moroes gave away his trinket.

    Now working on the last 4k rep to Aldor revered to get me the chest and I am farming money to get Sun Eater enchanted with Mongoose.

    So quite something to work on...^^

    P.S. We got Curator down on the frst try.

    He even dropped the plate pants and the warrior token but as my dices are kinda cursed I lost both rolls to our druid and other prot warrior.

    Well...at least Maiden, Moroes and Heroic Mech rewarded me.

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    A little bump from me as I am again unsure regarding next batch upgrades.

    Please see my armory profile:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So since my last post I was able to change a bit here and there and my guild is now finally working on Prince, but I have been again very unlucky with drops.

    No belt from Moroes, no gloves from Maiden, no tanking items from Opera.

    I am currently sitting on 62 Badges and my plan was to buy the avoidance Badge belt but then I read about the available loot in 2.4.

    Question is now if I should farm more badges (getting maybe 10 per week as my guild is very casual) and wait for 2.4 or if I should invest in the current Badge gear available.

    Next problem here is that my serverīs pve progress is a bit behind and we only got one Alliance guild which managed to clear BT a week ago, so I am unsure by when the new badge vendor will be available. :S

    Not sure what the requirements are to make him appear but obviously it includes some raiding in the new endgame instance and as I said our serverīs PvE progress is bit poor.

    Lucking forward to any advise from you people! :>

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    alot of people are saying they want to hold their dkp/badges for 2.4 which makes sense in a certain way but in your situation, the current badge gear you can get will provide huge upgrades. if you save up and get say the tanking chest in 2.4 you could have instead gotten the unwavering leggards and the tanking belt (im fairly sure the math is close but i dont remember what each one costs). i say in your position you should get the badge gear upgrades as soon as you can because with your "casual" raiding, you wont replace them any time soon, even after 2.4

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    The thing is if you need the kit, buy it. Badges aren't much use in the bank if you and a raid is dead. Seeing the 2.4 loot made me think twice about the badge chest, but it was that much of an upgrade over what I had it was a no-brainer. Same with the blocker which I'd binned for the neck earlier on.

    The imrpoved gear should make farming KZ and some heroics pretty straightforward when 2.4 lands etc. If you get something useful drop too then it's an even bigger bonus. I know that's what I plan to do, especially on areas I know need a serious tweak.
    Former TBC/LK Tank
    Waiting for Dunmail Jnr to sleep to enable online gaming.

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