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Thread: Fury > Tank spell rotation ?

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    Fury > Tank spell rotation ?

    Hi, assume a fury warrior (around the 5+/41+/14 maving both defiance and TM, with -miss talents, and rage coming from shield spec and UW) is tanking 5-man, and maybe one day heroics, what would be the common rotation for highest threat output ?

    1/ In other words, when to use our BloodThirst ? What should it replace ?

    2/ I'm inclined to sacrifice part of either Dual Spec, or Commanding Presence, to grab 3/3 Cleave, because 5-man requires holding multiple mobs quite often, and because I using it a lot when farming. What do you think ?

    (to those asking why one would even thing of tanking with a fury oriented spec, it's to keep a good dps to farm and when I instance as dps, i.e. when the official tank is online - he plays less than us).

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    Bloodthirst replaces Shield Slam, but due to the increased rage cost, you won't be able to spam it every CD.

    I wouldn't personally get Cleave.

    Hybrid specs are not fantastic, though, just a warning. A full Protection spec will have more than enough DPS to farm with good Fury gear, and a full Fury spec can tank both normals and Heroics well enough with good tanking gear.

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    I agree with Norrath, with enough dps gear you will be able to farm just fine spamming devastate with a slow main hander. People really underestimate being able to farm with this method. Once i went full prot spec i found it extremely annoying to try to tank anything with a fury/prot OT build, but that's just me. You'll be rage starved due to your primary tanking abilities costing more rage than being prot spec and also not to mention BT costing 30 instead of the normal 12 for shield slam. So i started collecting some fury gear and with just the basic blue quest rewards and random normal heroic drops i was able to put together a set that allowed me to do 350-450 dps while grinding.

    Of course you could also just level up another 70 dps class and have him/her be your grinding/farming/profession char =P

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