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Thread: [A PVE US] Garona <Council of the Dedicated>

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    [A PVE US] Garona <Council of the Dedicated>

    The <Council of the Dedicated> is a guild of fun folks who like to raid. We are looking for mature players who would like to progress in 25 man content. We are a "casual" raiding guild that raids Mon and Wed 7-10 and Fri and Sat 7-11. We have an informal PvP night on Sundays. Raiders are choosen by class balance and sign-up time. Raiders are required to have ventrillo v. 3.x (mic is not necessary, but listening is), ctraid assist mod and omen. Loot is distributed by open roll for 10 mans and dkp for 25 mans.

    There is no raiding requirement, but we are looking for Karazhan + geared folks who want to progress in more content. We cater to folks with jobs/kids/school/etc who want to progress in WoW as much as RL allows.

    We are currently 11/11 Kara, 1/6 ZA, 2/2 Gruul and 1/6 SSC.

    Currently we are recruiting:

    Priests (Holy) - Medium
    Shaman - Medium
    Paladins (Holy) - Medium
    Rogues - Medium
    Druids (Resto) - Medium
    Hunters - Low
    Warlocks - Low
    Warriors - Low
    Mages - Low

    Please check out our website at http://www.thecotd.com for more information and applications.

    Guild: Council of the Dedicated
    Realm: Garona-US Alliance
    Timezone: US Central GMT-6
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