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Thread: Looking for Paladin Kara level gear advice

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    Looking for Paladin Kara level gear advice

    We are currently gearing up a new paladin tank. He's walking into a group that already farms kara so thats were the majority of his upgrades will be available from.

    I'm not an expert on Paladin tanking by any means but I expect that they'd gear their first set similar to a warrior. Get uncrushable (he's already there) then stack EH until you are at a comfortable level for all of Kara then add spell damage gear to raise threat for our dps to go to town.

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    1. Uncrushable
    2. Uncrittable
    3. Spell damage above 150 minimum (easiest thing to do)

    If I saw his armory I could tell you exactly what he should work on but the above 4 are what I shot for. A good portion of his gear should come from badges such as the stoic chestguard, unwavering legs, and the boots. Even the cloaks there are good.
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    If you're uncrushable, you're uncrittable. It kinda goes hand-in-hand. (Mostly because you need more than 490 Defense to become uncrushable as a paladin, but also because Holy Shield also pushes crits off the table.)

    I'd shoot for 200 SD buffed for Karazhan, btw. That's [item]Crystalforged Sword[/item]/[item]Continuum Blade[/item] with +40 spelldamage, and a [item]Superior Wizard Oil[/item].

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