Ok, so, I'm a feral druid, I like to think a good one, but I haven't experienced most of T5 or T6 so I still have alot to learn. I'm a tank. I don't have awesome DPS gear, but my Tank gear is T5 ready. I am not attuned for Hyjal or BT. My goal is Sunwell or bust.


In full EH gear I have 13.9K HP unbuffed, 28.7K armor, 33% dodge,and I have enough alternate sets of gear to shift that around to 13K hp, 30K armor w/ 38% dodge. (Set in my armory profile as of 1-31-08 play session is my hybrid 13K, 30K armor, 38% dodge set) I'm willing to shift my spec around within reason, but what I have is kind to me, so I'm really not likely to deviate far from it.

My only catch is that I would like a raid guild that allows me to run with my current Kara/ZA group. (runs Tue & Thur) They're an awesome bunch of people, I love 'em to death and would hate to lose the ability to have fun with them. Therefore, Server transfer is not an option.

Resist pieces I have:
[item]Redeemed Soul Wristguards[/item], [item]Malfurion's Signet Ring[/item], [item]Violet Badge[/item], [item]Inferno Hardened Boots[/item], [item]Inferno Hardened Gloves[/item], Drakehide Tunic of Frost Protection, [item]Band of Many Prisms[/item], [item]Amulet of the torn-heart[/item].

I obviously need more poison, frost and fire resist, and I will have the badges for the rest of the inferno hardened stuff soon. I'm aiming for T4 shoulders soon, as well. I'm also looking for the polar leather set from AD rep, but until tanking Hydross trash is in the more immediate future I will likely delay that purchase.