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Thread: Stance Dance Macro Question

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    Stance Dance Macro Question

    Is there a macro that will pop me from Def stance to Zerk, pop Zerk rage then pop back to Def stance on one keystroke? I have a macro that will do it in 2 keystrokes (don't rem what it is off the top of my head though)

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    It will always be 3 keystrokes for this sequence. However, if you wanted it to be the same button that's doable.

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    yeh, there's no way you can do it in 1 keystroke because stance changing invokes its own global cooldown, anything within constraints of cooldowns will not work in 1 button press. The one I use is

    #show Berserker Rage
    /cast [nostance:3] Berserker Stance
    /cast Berserker Rage
    /cast [nostance:2] Defensive Stance

    just hit it till you see yourself back in def stance. fast and easy.

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