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Thread: Show your Interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutela View Post
    Sorry, haven't checked this topic in a while.
    I'll try to pack it up and make it available for download, but I can't ensure you anything since I've never done it before.
    Read my guide in my sig line.
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    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodasafa View Post
    Read my guild in my sig line.
    Tut's UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Generic Compilations
    There you go

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    My ui.

    Here's my ui. Had just killed Marrowgar. Dont have an action shot unfortunately. Grid expands for 25 mans to the right, next to recount.

    Focus Frame, Boss timer bars (DBM), Target of Target (appears right above the target), Vigilant (right in the middle, across the top).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutela View Post
    Just wanted to let you know - it's been working great for me since I downloaded it. You should start a thread for it with the rest of them in the UI compilations forum here.

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    Below is my modification of Eternel's UI big thanks to him! I replaced some of his MOD's and added some others and then tweaked the UI layout a little to my tastes.

    Eternel's UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Generic Compilations

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    My UI for my fury warrior. I kinda liked the line extras from LUI so I worked that in to my own.

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    Renaitre Raid UI v1217

    25 Man


    10 Man

    Raid Buffs are similar to Lore's on top right but are hidden until mouseover.
    Important temporary buffs are tracked above the right action bars.

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    Nightfreeze DK UI

    Just got mine to a point I can post a screenshot, but still a few things to work on.

    Don't have a raid pic just yet, but the only difference is that raid frames show at the bottom center instead of party frames on the left, and boss mods appear in the top middle (as shown in the annotated version).

    I started with Xaniiz UI, and made extensive changes. The single square action bar is designed for use w/ a Nostromo N52, and mirrors its layout. All buttons on it are macro'd to 4 levels:
    /use [mod:ctrl] Ability 4;[mod:alt] Ability 3;[mod:shift] Ability2;[nomod] Ability 1
    The idea is to center the most important in-combat raid info:
    • my hp/power (Icehud)
    • target hp/power (Icehud)
    • buffs/debuffs (SBF - combat buffs/debuffs displayed as bars, icons at top display all)
    • runes (Magic Runes)
    • raid status (PitBull raid frames, not shown in this pic)
    • my focus target and my target info.


    A few errors, like Target debuff icon showing in the middle-right bar, but not at the top. Also forgot to set visible=never on the ToT buffs frame after flowing it into ToT Debuffs frame on the right.

    Main addons:
    • Bartender 4
    • Pitbull
    • SBF
    • Icehud
    • SCT
    • caelNamePlates
    • Buttonfacade
    • Magic Runes
    • Chincilla Minimap
    • Spellbinder
    • Recount
    • Omen
    • OmniCC
    • tChat
    • Prat

    • Simplify Party Frames and move into the raid frame area
    • Fix bugs mentioned above
    • Decide on BigWigs or DXE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anik View Post
    Is any one aware of what combat text this is?
    Also what font this is and were i may get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grodu View Post
    Is any one aware of what combat text this is?
    Also what font this is and were i may get it.
    looks like NiceDamage to me

    Nice Damage (font) : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods
    You take a mortal man, and put him in control, watch him become a god, and peoples heads roll.

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    I never remember to take SS in raids so here's a 5man.

    I felt like labeling and got blur happy. (and blurred my own name =p)

    Addon list (some not used):

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    While Healing.

    While Tanking.

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    This is my first attempt at making my own UI. Nothing very special but im new to the game and not very good with computers lol. I used titanpanal, Bartender, and pitbull to make it, and it took alot longer han id like ot admit. And thank you to everyone that posted about there UI, i didnt know anything about addons until i found this websit i wouldnt have been able to make this without it.

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    In Combat

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    Here is my UI attempt. I play a Warrior tank (level 49 as of this posting) who has not yet seen a raid, just instances. I play in a widescreen laptop at 1280x800 resolution (windowed).

    I come from 5 years worth of Guild Wars, so you can probably see a few reasons for why I did what I did.

    Addons used:
    • AzCastBar
    • ACB Swing Timer
    • Bartender4
    • Omen3
    • OneBag3
    • PitBull 3.0
    • Recount (not shown)
    • tabDB (Tabbed Dungeon Explorer) (not shown)

    I'm currently looking for an addon which will make my minimap transparent while I'm in combat. I'm not entirely happy with the Buff/Debuff layout or the party bars...but I'm working on it. Should also note that I do have a few Bartender4 bars that go transparent unless I mouse-over them. My stance bar was also transparent at one point, but I just make it visible recently.

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    heres my ui for my druid.
    ◘Titan Panel
    ◘Nameplates modifier
    ◘Prat 3.0
    ◘Stuf Unit Frames
    ◘Xperl Unit Frames (for party/raid frames)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anik View Post
    any way you can upload your ui? i really like it.

    |Ex Tank|


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anaire View Post
    It's a nice basic ui. Definitely where most people start. Maybe try a scrolling battle text addon so in boss fights the center of your screen isn't cluttered with numbers. And maybe scale down recount and omen (if you're not tanking).

    Inspiration from a few of the UIs here and from a guildie. I'll have better screenshots once raid this evening.
    I was just surious what the addon that makes the gray boxes behind your various groups of frames was.

    Well this is my UI. Still working some things around. I also have XRS which shows up in raids to show overall healer mana, people dead, and group health average.

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    my ui

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