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Thread: Quick switching UI's for PVE PVP

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    Quick switching UI's for PVE PVP

    So...I've been getting crazy schooled by Fame in UI stuff this past week (props to him for his patience). i'm getting a solid tanking UI down atm and am curious if and how you all manage changing your UI between general tanking and PVP? It there a quick and easy way to simply make that happen with a button click? I was thinking you could have two separate Interface and WTF folders that you switchout, but maybe there is something simpler. Any help would be grand. Thanks thanks.
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    It's possible without switching WTF .folders.

    U can specify a save template by each addon ( ag_unitframe, bartender...) and specify by the name the template u want .

    Exemple :

    U configure ur bartender for a raid spec ( with macro , add button ... ) and save this template @ name : bar_temp_raid
    U configure ur bartender also but this time for a pvp spec ( berserkrage blablabla..) and save this template with a different name : bar_temp_pvp

    When u want to do raid , just load : bar_temp_raid

    I do this stuff every time , work fine with ag_uniframes, bartender and surely all ace2 addon .

    I repost maybe tonight with screen and more explication ^^
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    You could use ACP and make 'SETS' to save MOD sets for PVP and PVE.

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