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Thread: Anyway to make Arms spec viable for PVE?

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    A lot less work with dual wield fury compared to 2H arms. If he hasn't played a DPS melee much in raids, I would most heartily recommend the 17/44/0 cookie cutter build. Arms Imp. Slam builds might get you higher on the DPS charts if your gear is good enough but you need to have masochistic tendencies to play it.

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    Yeah, my GM wasn't too thrilled when I said we could *possibly* have him try the imp slam spec... he was thinking you gotta be pretty damn good to get away with it.

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    We always bring 2 warriors with us, one is full on fury (using s3 weapons), the other is MS/Frenzy/Demo whore with Quartz and imp slam.

    He uses the Archi sword and Solarian trinket in the melee group, his personal DPS isn't as good as the fury warrior, but he brings 4% melee damage and is a safe Curse of Recklessness enabler through 5/5 Demo shout.

    From a little theorycraft I did, I found the following:

    CoR added: 37.9 tps
    Frenzy added: 36.6 tps
    Exec added: 39.9 tps
    All together: 121.9 tps

    (Normal boss mob with 7700 ac before FF/Sunders, 6% hit, 20 expertise, 18% crit, 1110 ap, 570 block, using The Brutalizer /w Executioner, 70ms latency and will full heroic spam, no WF or other external tps modifiers)

    Definitely worth bringing one along, especially if you have a hunter/melee heavy raid.
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    I'm usually MS/Flurry on raids, but i don't use a sword, since i haven't gotten to the point where Cataclysm's Edge drops. I'm using a Stormherald with executioner and mostly PvP gear. My DPS isn't really what you'd call Superb... but still is pretty decent. Last time i raided i was spec'ed like this

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    You can change UW for Imp. Demo, but i still like to do PvP after the raid ends, and there's no need for Imp. Demo on my guild just yet. And my rotation was something like this (when rage's not an issue):

    Autoswing -> Slam -> MS -> Autoswing -> Slam -> WW -> HS -> Slam, then back to the start. I don't really have problems with the aggro when the MT of my guild is tanking, but when he's not on the raid, i have to improvise :P. Still is pretty decent with some WF and you boost your Melee group (367 ap for rogues and 4% more damage, plus WF = happy rogues xD). Though i have the gear to be Fury, i saw that i could bring much more to the raid 33/28 spec'ed and you don't need to respec every week just to do some PvP (which i live and die for)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meeks View Post
    Also 33/28 blood frenzy/flurry is the only raid spec to consider.
    20/41 when you are in the 3000 AP raid-buffed range. It'll deal more damage, both personal DPS and raid DPS. Bloodthirst outscales Mortal Strike at that point, and you'll get all the goodies from Fury -- mainly Improved Berserker Stance, which is huge. It also means that your choice of weapon is not limited by your spec.

    You can also easily go with 31/30 in Karazhan, as Blood Frenzy isn't an issue and you get full Flurry instead... and any other time you're in a raid where the increase in physical damage doesn't outscale the DPS increase from Flurry.

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    With 17/44, you maximize self DPS. With 33/28, you maximize raid DPS. With 20/41... you are too lazy to find a good dual wield set?

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