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Thread: Fury Warrior Karazhan Tips

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    Fury Warrior Karazhan Tips

    I've been reading this site for a LONG time. One of my Pally guildmates (Salud) runs a Pally blog (The Holy Light) and I always loved his site and other blogs so I finally decided to create my own.

    My first big article worth mentioning I just put up. It is really just a collection of all the little tips I've learned running Karazhan as a Fury Warrior. Part 1 is up right now and it takes you up to the Curator fight.

    Head on over to Warrior Fury and check it out. I'd love for people to post some feedback

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    Hey glad to see you're taking an active role in the warrior community and definitely feel free to bring your blog over to our blog system here on tankspot. We don't mind that you have your blogs, by all means we encourage it, but we try to keep advertising to a minimum, so please contact myself, Fame, Ciderhelm, or Satrina for further discussions if you feel it is necessary.


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    Shoot me a PM and I'll add you to our links list, Swath. (The PM so I remember to do it when I get back to that area of the site)

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