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Thread: Shield for non-heroics

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    Shield for non-heroics

    I currently have the Gladiator's Shield Wall, and when tanking non-heroics i usually feel VERY rage starved... so i've been thinking of getting a back up shield along the lines of the Petrified Lichen Guardian, and putting a shield spike on it. That way i could give up all CC and combined with TC hold all the mobs on me...

    Is there a better shield then the one i'm thinking about for this purpose? is this a good idea?

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    I think it's a bad idea to use the Lichen Guard. You will have way less block value. I think you can better swap out some other items in favor of DPS gear instead of the shield.

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    Keep the shield. Try not to be one of these tanks who constantly blame their rage problems on their gear. I understand that your gear can gimp your rage a tad, but not to the point you can't hold threat. (Kungen whines more than a cat in heat, DO NOT listen to him).

    If you click on my tankspot sig, you'll go to my armory. You'll see my shield is comparable to the Gladiator Shield. The kit I have on, save the neck, (which is replaced with the badge neck for heroics/non/kara/za), is totally functional in non heroics and not be rage starved. This is my basic trash tanking, 5man, kara, za kit. I use this kit to tank in mh/bt as well. Even the helm, (unless I'm MT'n).

    Pay more attention to your attacks. I can be rage starved on BT trash if I'm not paying attention to the attacks I'm using and I can be rage starved in kara for the same reasons.

    But you really, really, really don't want to drop Block Value because you've got a problem with rage. Try looking at the big picture.

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    For that purpose the lichen guard is great - I use in ZA for the eagle gauntlet and must say that I dont really feel the decrease in block value from my usual shield. Other option is to swop out rings, neck and trinkets for dps ones; make sure every other piece has block value/expertise/hit on or swop them out for dps pieces too. Depending on your level of gear (and the healer) you can probably tank with defense/res that doesn't make you uncrittable in order to get enough rage - if you go this route you want to try and swop out any dodge heavy pieces as they are likely causing you the problems.

    Edit: Wanted to clarify that in my mind it depends who you are trying to hold agro off - lvl 70 epicced dps'er or a <lvl 70 who actually wants the instance for drops/experience. But maybe use the esperience to put together an agro-heavy set -- high on agro-tank stats of expertise, hit and blockvalue -- although if you're trying to tank something like underbog with 600+ block value you're going to have problems on a lot of trash, but then if the rest of the party is lvl 62 they won't pull agro anyway

    Sorry that's probably not clear
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