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Thread: [Druid] Offtanking : how to do better ?

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    [Druid] Offtanking : how to do better ?

    Hi, I'm feral in the T5 area, like 4T4 blue chest for tanking, and 2t4 2t5 LWLQE check for dpsing.

    I specialize in the Offtank role, that's what I do on 90% of the trash, all ZA bosses, and the few SCC/TK bosses that requires offtanking.

    Here are my choices :
    - trash offtanking doesn't require crit immunity. I usually do them with dps gear (5% hit, no exp).
    - Boss offtanking that requires tanking the boss (like Lynx or Bear in ZA, also Maravess on karathress) is done in full tank crit immune gear. 33k armor.
    - A few "weak" bosses are done in "hybrid" gear, not totally crit immune, maximized on agility, with very good armor (all those juicy armor/sta/agi/str gear socketed in +8 agi). 25k armor, 40% unbuffed dodge. That's the case with VoidReaver or Squallis (karathress).
    - Most boss's add tanking is done in hybrid gear (except hydross adds or karathress squallis's pet which are done in dps)

    What are offtanking priorities ?
    I consider Threat a very important stat for offtanking, yet as a feral, cat damage is to be taken in consideration too. And damage mitigation should not be totally ignored.

    What is your opinion on offtank priorities and gear selection ?
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    If you are ever in a position where you know that you will be tanking something, survival is #1. What this means is that you gearing yourself to do 100 more DPS once you are done tanking your add is null if you end up dying in the process. Take a fight like Fathom-Lord, I always tank the hunter and the Pet. Since the Hunter goes down second (after the Shaman) I know that I will have at leaste a minute or two to get enough threat, thus wearing threat gear is not needed and I much rather not risk by a parry-gib then to dish out a little bit more damage after I'm done tanking the Hunter.

    I have three suits of gear which consists of DPS, TANK, and THREAT. I wear the THREAT set on a few encounters where I know that I will need it (Solo tank VR, Leo, Trash, Vashj's Naga, etc.) DPS when I know that I wont be tanking at all. And TANK when I know threat wont be an issue at all and I will spend majority of the fight tanking.

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