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Thread: First Forray into SSC

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    First Forray into SSC

    Hi guise!

    I took my guild into SSC last week for the first time, fully confident. Due to missing one of my OT's for Hydross however, we went strait to Lurker.

    After about 8 wipes and 1 re-clear of trash we downed him. I fully expect the same attendance week after week, therefore each boss downed is that much closer to farmed immediately.

    Now, tonight we're going back in, Starting with Hydross this time, then lurker again. (Got our 295 FRr and NR with 490 def) and 50%/50% OT's)

    My question is, in your oppinion, what boss should we tackle after Lurker and Hydross? I've read all of the oppinions on the forums, but it seems like the Raid composition seems to be a factor.

    Having said that, I have 4 tanks- (3 Warriors,1 Feral Druid.)
    7 Healers (4 pallies, 2 resto druids, 1 H.Priest)

    With that, I was thinking Fathom Lord would be easier than tidewalker, due to no pally tank.

    Alternatively, have you had luck tanking the merlocs using a prot warrior, or do you use the Holy Pally/Lock combo?

    I'm just a little scared, because my guild looks to me to lead us to success, and I like to have as much knowledge up front as possible.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks Tankspot!

    70 Dwarf Warrior

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    If you want to head for success prepare your folks for evenings where you won't progress as fast as with Lurker / Hydross.

    We did Lurker -> Hydross -> Leotheras -> Morogrim -> Karathress -> Vashj

    Leo gave us some frustrating IDs not being able to down him or even see progress. So you probably want to go first to Morogrim and Karathress.

    Btw. Paladin healers are perfect for Morogrim as they draw the attention of the Murlocs. Shamans are good as well. Don't need a Paladin tank.

    EDIT: You might want to take an extra healer for Morogrim. There's no enrage timer so you can easily compensate for the missing DPS.
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    Morogrim 3rd, Fathom 4th, Leo 5th.

    And get a pally tank. You can do with healers but it's much better with a pally tank.


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