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Thread: Rage # display & popup for revenge/Shield slam

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    Rage # display & popup for revenge/Shield slam

    Looking for some small stuff to put next to my character in the middle of the screen that just shows my rage # and also lets me know when shield slam/revenge is up so I can move my focus away from my bars.

    Would also be nice to know when shield block is active and when hs is queued
    Any thing exceptionally good at this that I should look at?
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    Cooldown Timers.

    It's an ace2 addon from www.wowace.com or use the WAU (wowace Updater) at WowAceUpdater

    Basically give you highly configurable timers to place anywhere on your screen and is useful for a variety of classes.

    Hope it helps,


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    I think he wants no Timer or cooldown notification but some feedback if your rage is sufficient. I will try to use Quartz for GCD Timer and place important buttons into my view (by moving an actionbar with decent size to the middle of my screen).
    Using Pitbull you could move your complete rage bar or the rage # text into the middle of your screen I think.

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