----47th AFS Expeditionary Force

The 47th is a unit apart. As you look around at the other various recruiting ads what truly defines each one? What makes them stand out? I see a sea of anonymity when I browse through them... and so do you.

What makes the 47th stand apart? We're an "RP Lite" clan that isn't out to force you to be IC every moment of your game time. Other units are either heavy RP or not at all; we are the compromise.

Other units do not provide arcing story lines which unfold over the course of many events with a plot that will directly affect everyone it touches including the guild itself. Sitting around in taverns and taking ninety minutes to capture a Control Point is not our idea of role play entertainment.

In the RPing that we do engage in the 47th differentiates itself by casting it and it's members in a "darker" light. We're not out to be the good guys or play ball with every single other unit out there.

If you find yourself lost or unsure you just have to ask yourself one question. "Who the f*ck are you?" If your next sentence doesn't include "47th" in it then the answer is "nobody."