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Thread: ZA Tanking items and lack of Def rating?

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    ZA Tanking items and lack of Def rating?


    This will be my first post on these forums and I apologize if there already is a thread thats discussing this matter. Anyway I play a warrior on Defias Brotherhood EU and my guild is working on Lady Vashj.

    So I have all the tank items from Zul Aman except the boots and something ive noticed is that almost no items have any defense rating on them. I didnt really notice it at first and went happy jolly from the upgrade from T4 and socketed and enchanted all pieces. Suddenly I noticed my def rating is down to like 474 which obviously isnt that good.

    Some of the items are really, really great. Like the weapon, shield and head which are all a very good upgrade from T4 and in many ways equal to T5 have NO def rating. I guess blizzard wants me to combine T5 with ZA epics so I can look like a complete retard.

    Any other thoughts about this?

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    you're pretty much right on the money. many pieces of za gear are equivalent to 25 man raid items while others are best used as a complement to them. it's hard to imagine a fully epicced tank falling below 490 def tho, especially if you spec into anticipation.

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    I had the same problems, and here is what I did.

    #1 Replace bracer enchant with +12 Def rating (largest return, better than replacing a Solid Star)
    #2 Find gear with set bonuses that yield Sta and have Yellow or Blue gems (Ie. Gyro-Khorium Destroyer) and switch them with Enduring Talasite.
    #3 Start getting T5

    When I got the shield from ZA I dropped under 490. I switched 2 gems and the bracer enchant and went up to 490 flat. Then I got 2/5 T5 and am now at 499. This is the best approach in my opinion.

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    I did the same thing as Ed...12 Def Rating on [item]Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx[/item] allowed to me to keep a resectable Defense score and use Arena/New Badge Gear

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    Briefly, lack of Defense on Zul'aman gear is designed to save you some money on gems. You don't need complementary gear from a T5 instance or anywhere, you just need to socket with cheaper gems than SSOEs.

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    I was looking at the same problem and this is what i came up with.

    Head:[Battleworn Tuskguard] -ZA
    Neck:[Brooch of Deftness] - Badges
    Shoulder:[Pauldrons of Stone Resolve] -ZA
    Back:[Slikk's Cloak of Placation]-Badges
    Chest:[Chestguard of the Warlord] -ZA
    Wrist:[Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx] -Badges
    Hands:[Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden] -Maiden/Kara w/ +240 Armor kit
    Waist:[Iron-tusk Girdle] -Badges
    Leggs:[Unwavering Legguards] -Badges
    Feet: [Jungle Stompers] -ZA
    Wepon:[Cleaver of the Unforgiving] -ZA
    Shield:[Bulwark of the Amani Empire] -ZA
    These are the totals from the gear listed above. There are no gems or socket bonuses or enchants considered, these are raw built in stats/equips.

    +120 Dodge Rating (6.39% @ lvl 70)

    Shield Block Value:
    +403 (This is just raw off the gear, it does not take into account the multiplier or your STR)

    +60 Hit Rating (3.81 % @ lvl 70)

    +43 Expertise Rating (10.91% @ lvl 70)

    It apperars ive run into a major lack of defense problem in this new set, as i will be short the 490 def crit cap.

    370 Defense Naked with talents. Need 120 more defense to reach 490 def cap. Or roughly 286-288 Defense Rating.

    1 defense rating = (0.42) defense.

    I have:

    Ring 19 (8.03) Kara exualted ring
    Ring 23 (9.72) Sherman ring from Shade
    Belt 21 (8.88) Badges
    Bracers 23 (9.72) Badges
    Cloak 16 (6.76) Badges
    Gloves 16 (6.76) Maiden
    Trinket-None -Auto Blocker
    Trinket-None -Pocketwatch

    Total = 188 Defense rating or (49.87) Defense

    I need:

    Leggs 22 (9.30) Badges
    Chest 27 (11.41) ZA
    Feet 20 (8.46) ZA
    Shoulder 20 (8.46) ZA
    Head-None ZA
    Wepon-None ZA
    Neck-None Badges
    Shield-None ZA

    Total = 89 Defense Rating or (37.63) Defense

    Head ZG chant 10 (4.23)
    Shoulder 10 (4.23)

    Total = 20 Defense Rating or (8.4) Defense

    Combined Total = 227 Defense Rating or (95.9) Defense

    Trinket in SSC 1st boss
    Scarb of Dissplacement 42 (17.76)

    Total with trinket = 269 Defense Rating or (113.66) Defense

    All told short = 19 Defense Rating or (6.34) Defense to meet 490 def crit cap.


    Thats just an example of the gear set im going to be using, but as you can see with the trinket from SSC , your only x3 +8 Def gems to reach the cap. You can achive 490 without T5.
    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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    Hi, my guild just downed Lady on Thursday, and I'm also using ZA + T5 items for tanking, I have no problems on keeping over 495 defense and I'm passive uncrushable with raid buff + potion3

    My socket is focus on avoidance because I have another set for stamina.

    My armory

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    I tank with s2 chest and shield, and resilience from those pieces allows me to have lower defense. As needed, I swap some pieces out to have more damage reduction, when needed.

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