[floatleft]http://www.theoryspot.com/photoplog/images/1/2_TabulaSpotNews.png[/floatleft]What's The Deal With Endgame?
This is an open question to Richard Garriott's team: Where's the endgame?

As many players move into the post-30 level range, many of them nearing the level cap, it's very common to here Tabula Rasa endgame as the punch-line for a joke. Deservedly so. Right now, the communication from the NCSoft team has been that Tabula Rasa, a game which was never meant to stand on it's own as a PVP game, is now a PVP-centric game which will have WoW battlegrounds look-a-likes.
  • Why should we continue to convince our friends and ex-guildmates/clanmates to pay for this game? Why should current players renew their subscriptions?
  • What are the dynamics of the Flashpoint system referred to in an earlier interview? What is the progress of this project? In relation to other projects, what is the priority of continued PVE content?
  • Will endgame instances be repeatable in upcoming patches?
We understand that endgame is problematic for any new MMORPG. We're also aware that new zones are being released with each new patch. However, we're still looking for life signs of a system that would give clans or community purpose beyond PVP.