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Thread: Movie of the Week- Kazaganthi

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    Movie of the Week- Kazaganthi

    Since I couldn't find any really good warrior videos this week, here is one of mine. This is an old video that I made near the end of season I. I think it's pretty good, but there was a lot I could do better. It features some 1v1s, bgs, 2v1s, 2v3s, and arena battles in the high 2ks. Enjoy.


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    I enjoyed it. Any plans on making more of your own videos?
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    I am still working on Video number two. It will be a mix of my two warriors, one fury, one arms. I've been so busy with work and life recently that it is on the back burner for now. I hope to have it finished by mid Febuary though.


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    Thoughts on the video as I'm watching it:

    Cool fear on the warlock to catch him after the blink.
    The rogue duel I was basically looking at what he did wrong out of interest. It was a lot of things, but still neat to watch.
    In the 1v2 did they agree to let you fight them one at a time? It was also interesting to see a couple heroic strikes, how often do you use that and what rage do you generally start it?
    I wasn't seeing many slams in the vid, guess you weren't specced into it at the time?
    1v1ing a paladin starting at low health is always funny. I thought you were going to win it after he hammered you to give you the SW heal. Those are always heartbreaking to watch as a dead teammate either way.
    Did you resepc for 5v5 vs small man back then?
    It must have felt great to see that shaman standing right on top of the mage when he ice blocked in that 2nd/3rd 5v5 match, but that's probably part of the reason you got 8? (hard ot read that quickly that grainy) points.
    I was impressed that you managed to land all your jumps from the bridge to the pillars in blade's edge. I tend to run along the rope to be safe. Was a cool fight and neat to see a video that included a 22 rating point game won.

    Well, rereading my stuff, kind of a ramble, but I'll leave it as is. It was a good watch and neat to see all the pure-s1 gear games, that was a long time ago, kind of takes you back, but then again, just hop into a BG nowadays and you get the same effect. I'm sure my comments are a little on the criticizing side, but just my thoughts, obviously most of the players are in the video are better players now than they were at the time and hopefully everyone gets better as they go.

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    The 1v2 was actually a 2v3 that went wrong. My druid buddy, another friend, and I would que for a practice arena. Then the druid and I would 2v3 them or if there were only 2 I would 1v2 them.
    I used to use heroic strike a lot, but now I use sunder instead. It's a better rage dump, or even cleave and sweeping strikes if I can get a couple people together.
    I've never been a slammer. It just doesn't fit my playstyle.
    I was spec'd the same for all the fights.
    The 22 point win fight was against Elitist Jerks top 10 team at the time. We ended up 17th that season.


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    nice vid, always a joy to watch your videos of the week kaz.

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    Hey kazi, what is the addon that you have that shows enemies debuff ex:mortal strike, hamstring right under the HUD ARC. Thanks

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    Yosh I think you are looking at natur enemy cast bar.

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