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Thread: New tank just learning about gear.

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    New tank just learning about gear.

    I just heard about this site and I must say I am tickled to see sooo much info on tanking.
    I have been gathering loot like a mad person in preperation for my guilds kara tommorow, but there is still alot I don't know.
    My question however is about the high threat sets of armor I see discussed in other threads and was wondering how I should go about it. its still important to keep 490 defense with this set but how much and what stats should I cut in order to get the hit rating and expertise I need to pull this set off.

    I can see where this set would be very useful on trash pulls, but does that stay true in kara and heroics? or should I stick to my high defense stam gear for those.

    Thank you for all your help!

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    My advice for a new tank is not to put too much effort into multiple gear sets just yet. Build a solid general tanking set. Once you have that, and have run Kara a couple of times, look at your gear and determine which pieces have little to no threat benefit and then start looking for gear to fill in those slots. Since you've run the instance a few times, you'll have a good idea which mobs don't hit hard enough to warrant your general tanking set.

    General advice for building a threat set:

    Drop avoidence before stamina. Both will keep you alive, but more avoidence will reduce your rage generation, which will reduce your threat.
    Don't be afraid to drop a below crit immune for the weak hitting trash. And remember that the magic number to be crit immune is only 485 defense for a lvl 72 mob.
    Avoid throwing pure dps armor on. There are exceptions, but, especially when starting out, you need to gear to survive more than you need to worry about threat gear.
    Shield block value is your friend. Shield slam scales well with block value, and a good block value piece is a great way to increase your threat generation without significantly reducing your survivability.

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    For the beginning of Kara it is not a big issue to worry about. You pretty much want to be careful about new stuff, and gearing for max survivability is the best way to go. Lots of armor, stamina, and avoidance. I wouldn't start worrying about threat untill you get Kara on farm, or to the point where your dps is all geared up as well, and having to hold back alot for you. It is a lot harder on healers if everyone is new to Kara, for the tank not to be in the best gear possible for surviving. Once you start getting the gear from Kara you will probably wear that till you get upgrades later on, and then once you have most or all of you Kara gear you can look for more threat. Hope some of that helped at all lol.

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