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Thread: Avoidance and Crushing Blows Question

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    Avoidance and Crushing Blows Question

    In my avoidance set I have 23% Dodge, 18% Parry, and 35% block with 15.7K health unbuffed.

    With the avoidance and the the miss chance factored in will all attacks form a boss such as Tidewalker that are not blocked/dodged/parried/missed become crushes?

    Miss chance is 16% with Scorpid sting factored in, so is that going to and 8% chance for crush on every attack is shield block is not up?
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    That's the idea, yes.

    You do need to substract 0.6% from each to factor in the 3 level difference between you and a boss, so you'd be looking at 10.4% of incoming attacks being crushing blows.
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    Sorry, if i wasn't clear. With those stats listed if an attack got through without being blocked/dodged/paried, would it automattially be a crush?

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    As armstrong stated, yes, any hit that isn't a miss/dodge/block/parry will come as a crush.

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