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Thread: Fury OffTanking

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    Fury OffTanking

    I've seen several people asking questions about OT'ing in Kara and such as Fury, and since that is my primary function on Kara raids, I thought I'd lay down some thoughts on the matter.

    My spec is (cookie-cutter) 17/44, the only difference being that I have 5/5 demo shout.

    The most important piece of gear I have isn't even gear. It is a mod called Itemrack. Basically, when I swap to def stance, my gear switches as well. Even in combat my sword and shield pop on, if nothing else. Since as a fury OT there will be times where you'll swap gear every other fight, having that automated is a big help.

    The important numbers for gear are pretty simple. Aim for 490 defense and 10k+ in AC & HPs (12k+ is better).

    490 defense is the prime number. Until you have you're not really safe to tank. Something will crit you and you'll have wiped the raid. After that try to get your hps as high as you can while maintaining 490 def. I don't actually worry about my AC, as long as you're wearing all plate then you'll have your 12k AC pretty easy.

    Do anything it takes to get your 490 defense first. I personally had to use a 70 green shield of defense for quite a while, just to get me to 491. If you go over 490 that's okay, but don't go way over. When I hit 500 def I swapped three pieces around to get back to 490 def, with 150 more ac, 700hps and ~1% hit.

    Don't forget to throw in a bit of +hit where you can as well. With 3/3 precision you only really need 30-50 hit rating to be good. Its not worth loosing defense over however.

    There is one stat that you can just kinda ignore. Block Value. While this is (overall) a great stat for prot warriors, it is a mediocre (at best) stat for fury tanks. For a prot warrior, block value increases their shield block value and adds damage (and therefore threat) to Shield Slam but as Fury you're not going to have the talents or the skills to make good use of it. You don't have Shield Slam. You're Shield Block only makes 1 block, not 1.3. Its just not where your awesomeness is at. So skip it unless its on something with good other stats. It doesn't hurt you, its just not something you should hunt after.

    As far as weapons go, you'll want an actual tanking weapon, something that's pretty quick, >2 seconds, preferably with stamina, def and +hit.

    The Shattered Sun Offensive's Revered sword, [item]Grom'tor's Charge[/item], [item]King's Defender[/item] or [item]The Sun Eater[/item] are all good choices.

    Pick up a 2hander too. There are some fights that you'll be at the end, in your tank gear and you won't be able to dps effectively with such low +hit/+crit, so having a good 2hander you can still swing (and hit) with, so pull it out in those situations and go to town. The two main ones I can think of are Moroes and Attumen fights, where you'll actually be in full tank gear.

    In summary:
    490 defense. Period.
    Stack hps.
    Don't go after Block Value.
    Get a tanking weapon.
    Get a 2hander.


    Since you're going to get impale anyways, get improved TC and parry (which you probably would anyway), which will be all the points you need in defensive oriented talents anyway. You can put 5/5 into imp Demo Shout if you like, so that you can have a lock drop curse of recklessness on the mob as well, but of course that's optional.

    General Theory

    Before I go over rotations, I wanted to talk about the general theory behind off tanking, how being a fury OT is different from being a MT and what our goals are.

    Tanking, when boiled down to its simplest form, basically means keeping the mob in one spot. That's the whole point of tanking. You want the mob to stay put, facing you, ignoring everyone else. All of the mechanics of tanking revolve around doing this one task. It is essentially a very involved form of crowd control.

    The purpose of having a secondary tank in Kara is simple. There are spots where you have 2 mobs that have to be killed and neither one is cc'able. So, you have 2 options. Option a) is to bring 2 full tanks with you. Option b) is to bring 1 real tank and 1 fury warrior with tanking gear. Obviously we're talking about option b). The reason you bring a fury tank instead of another prot tank is that you only need 1 tank for the majority of Kara. By having a fury instead of a prot, you have someone who can OT when needed, but can dps the rest of the time.

    Since we've looked at the why, let's discuss the process needed to have a successful fury OT. You cannot treat the fury OT like another MT. They do not have the same TPS (threat-per-second) capabilities as a prot warrior. You're fury warrior will do the relative dps of a prot warrior, in terms of threat. In general, you'll need to kill the MT's mob first, then the OT's. This applies specifically to trash, not bosses. On bosses whatever normal methods your guild uses, use those. By the time the first target is down, you should have enough of a lead that nobody should be able to take it off you (except if the MT taunts it off).

    So, since we have some 1 on 1 time with the mob in question, instead of the frantic sunder-sunder-sunder, we can take some front time to consider more than just all-out TPS.

    The primary goal of an OT is to park a non-cc'able mob away from the raid and keep it there, while at the same time incurring the minimum amount of personal damage.
    This is why we go hit (or shoot) our mob and walk it back away from the rest of the raid. Away from cc'd mobs and such. And from there, we'll go into rotations.


    Hopefully by now we've all realized that by Rotations we mean skill priority, so, this isn't the order that you hit the buttons, its what gets refreshed ahead of what.

    If the mob I'm targeting is dying first:
    1. Revenge (if it pops on its own)
    2. Sunder Armor
    3. Sunder Armor
    4. Sunder Armor
    You're going to be struggling to keep ahead of everyone else, and when that mage gets hits third crit in a row and doesn't stop casting, get ready to run. (Boar's speed on the boots is a good choice for an enchantment)

    If the mob I'm targeting is not dying first.
    0. Revenge, if it lights up.
    1. Get the mob away from any cc'd mobs.
    2. Demo shout while backing up
    3. Thunderclap as soon as I'm not going to hit any cc.
    4. Shield Block
    5. Sunder Armor & Heroic Strike (Preferably this should be on a macro.)

    The most important thing is to keep the mob debuffed with Demo Shout and Thunderclap, and to keep up Shield Block at all times. The whole point is to minimize the amount of damage that you're taking while building threat on the mob. Once the MT's target is down you can switch to straight sundering to maintain your lead. Once the healers' attention isn't divided you can afford to soak a bit more damage.

    Fighting in this purely defensive form, while you don't have the main strengths of the prot warrior (extra blocks, higher mitigation, more AC & Def, more hps) you're using the strengths that you do have to their maximum effect and that is what will make you most successful.

    You can't out TPS the prot warrior unless you go fury and just dps like crazy, but the mobs will eat through your hps like butter, so work with the tools you have to do the job. By swapping to the secondary target, you have time to build a good threat lead and more importantly, hold the mob where it needs to be as long as it needs to be there.
    This one simple switch can relieve a lot of frustrations, if you're having problems with killing an OT's target first, it getting loose, killing mages and warlocks, etc.
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