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Thread: Keybindings!

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    So this is pretty much going to be my first melee class. I've played warlock, priest, and mage to at least 60 already. I always played a click/bind mix considering none of those classes rely heavily on movement (my mage was pre-arena days and it just isn't the same anymore).

    I know how to set up keybindings and everything, but I was wondering if someone could show me a list of how they do it. Preferably someone spec'd arms, but anything will work. I really just want to bind everything one way now, while I'm leveling, so that I can get used to it before hitting 70. Right now I pretty much just spam HS anyway.

    Sooo, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I think it's more what you're comfortable with. I could tell you how I do it but you might not like it.

    (I have heroic strike on E, for example)

    If you use wasd try to use RFVTGBYHN

    I have H as execute / disarm

    I click anything that is bound to 6 -> - (ie non essential stuff like shouts)

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    Key Bindings

    I have four rows of icons that are bound. These are the stuff I use for tanking for the most part. I find it much easier to move with the mouse. I use a bar mod and actually have 7 bars on my interface. I will bind non melee/tanking keys to letters, like to mount my horse is H.

    Bottom row is 1-= (This is the standard "action" bar)

    Next row is F1-F12

    Third row is Shift1-Shift=

    Fourth row is ShiftF1 - ShiftF12

    The shift button is bound to a extra button on the mouse.

    Stances are F1-F3

    The key is to start using the bindings early - by the time you hit 70 they will be second nature - no thought required.

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    I'm working on my Arms Keybindings so I can get an actual arena rating, so far I have:
    (Stuff after the "/"s is either stance dependant or needs me to press "Ctrl")

    ~ = Charge / Intercept / Intervene
    1 = HS
    2 = Whirlwind / Thunder Clap
    3 = Overpower / Revenge
    4 = Cleave
    5 = Disarm / Shield Block
    6 = Warstomp
    7-? = Pots, Healthstones, Bandages, etc...
    Q = Mortal Strike / Execute
    E = Slam
    R = Spell Reflect Macro
    T = Grenades
    Caps Lock = Deathwish
    WASD = Movement with strafes. Unbind turning buttons.
    F = Pummel / Shield Bash
    G = Blood Rage / Berserker Rage
    H = Trinket 1
    Z = Piercing Howl / Demoralizing Shout
    X = Taunt / Challenging Shout
    C = Battle / Commanding Shout
    V = Sunder Armor
    B = Intimidating Shout
    N = Trinket 2

    I have a Logitech MX so I have,
    MouseWheelUp = HS
    MouseWheelDown = Cleave
    MouseWheelLeft = Pummel (MouseOver)
    MouseWheelRight = Shield Bash (MouseOver)

    2 side buttons:
    Forward = Charge / Intercept / Intervene
    Backwards = Hamstring

    1 Scroll with 3 switches = Stances

    So far it's still a mess cause it's too different to what I use to tank and I have yet to find a way to be able to switch bindings on demand for when I go back to being a tank.

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    Generic keybinds

    Not specific to any ability or any class really, but I use these same keys on all my different characters (and I have a lot).
    1 2 3 4 (these are abilities that are used frequently)
    Q W E R (these are my bread and butter abilities that I use constantly, I use my pinky to tab-target)
    A S D F (these are used less often, but I still need quick access to them. Panic buttons, things like that)

    I bind Strafe Left and Right to Z and C respectively. I don't find myself strafing much outside of PvP, and I don't PvP too terribly much. X is move backwards. Forward movement and turning is done with the mouse, or the arrow keys on rare occasions.

    Almost everything else is clicked when needed. Keep in mind that even though I say "abilities", more often than not they are macros combining abilities and items.

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    1=Shield Slam---Shift 1=Shield Slam + Heroic Strike
    2=Revenge---Shift 2=Revenge + Heroic Strike
    3=Devastate---Shift 3=Devastate + Heroic Strike
    4=Shield Block
    5=Heroic Strike
    Shift W=Intervene
    Shift A=Taunt
    Shift Q=Trinket 1
    Shift E=Trinket 2
    Ctrl 1=Bloodrage
    Ctrl 2=Thunderclap
    Ctrl 3=Demo Shout
    Ctrl E=Last Stand
    Ctrl R=Shield Wall
    Shift + Ctrl 1=Spell Reflect
    Shift + Ctrl 2=Concusion Blow

    Shift and Ctrl are bound to my Forward and Back buttons on mouse.

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