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Thread: Defensive stance + armor = mitigatin???

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    Defensive stance + armor = mitigatin???


    I tried search these forums but didnt find answer.

    How is calculated mitigation from defensive stance for lvl 73 mob and is it additive to mitigation from armour?

    Thanks for any answer in advance (and excuse me for my English )

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    Defensive Stance is calculated after the mitigation from armor. If an unmodified attack hits for 100, and you have 60% damage reduction from armor, you take 40 damage prior to Defensive Stance. Defensive Stance removes 10% damage, thus you take 36 damage total.

    Basically, in order to figure out what damage you take, calculate (1-DR% from armor) * (1-DR% from Defensive Stance)

    In the above case, that'd be 0.4 * 0.9 = 0.36. The actual damage reduction after armor and after Defensive Stance is thus 64%.

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