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Thread: PVP Addons

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    PVP Addons

    I was wondering what kind of nice addons there are that enhances the PVP experience. Both in Arena and Battlegrounds.

    Please namedrop your essential must-have addons, but other less essential favourites are welcome too!

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    Proximo- great arena mod
    Natur Enemy castbar- shows what your opponents are doing
    sct/sctd- shows damage, type of damage(i.e. what spell hit you)
    Focus- not much experience with this one, let's you setup a target that you can switch to with the touch of a button, good for turn and burn strats
    Xperl unit frames-nice unit frames, also has target of target included

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    xperl has it's own focus frame too. Also sspvp's arena frames (so probably proximo's as well) let you set keybinds to target the oponents (like default shift+f1-f5 for arena kind of deal)

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    Deadly Boss Mods has a battlegrounds module that gives you timer bars for things like flag and tower caps in bgs, which is super useful

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