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Thread: Gear Upgrades

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    Gear Upgrades

    So I am at a small road block in my path to tanking gear. I have spent lots of time farming Kara for gear and badges. After my last run there I finally got Moroes Trinket to drop for me, and enough badges to get my Broach of Deftness. So there I sit with all the Kara gear and I think all of the badge gear I really wanted from Badge of Justice.

    I am currently wearing T4 Helm, Broach of Deftness or Maiden's Choker, Mantle of Abrahmis, Slikks Cloak of Placation, Panzar'Thar Breastplate, Bracers of Ancient Phalanx or Vambraces of Courage, Kings Defender ,Shield of Impenetrable Darkness, Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer, Gauntlets of the Iron Maiden or T4 Gauntlets, Iron-Tusk Girdle or Crimson Girdle of Indomitable, Unwaivering Leggings or Wrynn Dynasty Greaves, Battlescar Boots or Boots of Illusion, Violet Signet of the Great Protector and Shermanar Great-Ring, Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch, Adamantine Figurine, or Violet Badge.

    I have been getting some dps (mostly hit rating, stam, AP gear) from Kara that our dps doesn't need for a threat gear set as well.

    My question is, is there more gear out there to get while I wait for T4 shoulders to drop off of Gruul and while we learn the Void Reaver and Mag encounters, or am I pretty much stuck at the best I can get till we progress? I am trying to get some more good Frost Resist gear for SSC and I have been working on completing my Furies Deck (have the ace and a few other cards now and keep checking the AH for cheap deals and just waiting for drops or other guildies to find them). We have been on almost a hold on ZA as we have been doing Gruuls Lair with success and still framing Kara and preparing for some more 25 man raids. I know I can use some loot from ZA if I can get the group back in there. Any other choices I have? Thanks for the advice ahead of time once again.

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    you're pretty much golden till you progress more. with your current gear there, you could definitely tank ZA so have a try at that. but otherwise, you're set. Damn Panzar'thar and shermanar haven't dropped for me yet in 5 months since i've been tanking kara =(

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