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Thread: Pre-Kara gear help please

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    Pre-Kara gear help please

    Im getting a group ready to raid kara and wanted a little input on my prospective main tank.

    I know almost nothing about warrior tanking, and would like some advice on gear and spec-

    Ive tried looking for pre-kara gear lists, and the ones i found didnt include rep rewards or 5-man gear, if you could provide a link to those that would be great-


    thats his armory page, any advice you could provide to best prepare him for main tanking kara would be excellent, thanks very much

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    I am not a resilience user much since I do not pvp so you might want to find out what the uncritable defense would be with that resilience rating. In my opinion he is really low on defense, which in turn makes him really low on avoidance too. I am assuming he is going to be using a shield which will bump his armor up some. It is okay to start out with slightly low avoidance since he will build it up when he gets better gear there, but you want it to be as painless as possible to progress. There are some nice quest rewards in Netherstorm and Shadow Labyrinth that I can think of off hand that add nice tanking gear. Once he has some tank gear set then there are a few enchants for shoulder or head depending on faction and rep to bump him up a little too. I can go into more specifics if you need and find out some names of gear, but in general he needs to try to stick more to def, stam, high armor value, and some avoidance. Seems to have to much DPS gear for starting out as a MT in Kara for my likings.

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    Assuming he has a Gladiator's Shield Wall for when he tanks and he uses the mace as his tanking weapon he has enough defense and resiliance to be crit immune.

    It's doable, although not ideal. The drops he gets in Kara will help him tank even more. The shield will also put him about 15k Armor and 12.8kish HP which shouldn't hurt your healers to much.

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