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Thread: BG gear.. next piece?

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    BG gear.. next piece?

    Alrighty so, i'm 70 now... Got me the Gladiator Shoulders and Shield.

    What should be my next purchase? keep in mind i'd like to be able to use it for tanking and wanna choose something that I prob won't replace to easily.


    thanks for the help!

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    Your profile is awaiting refresh, but something that's always nice is the chest. The added hit is good for threat, they have great armor, and when socketed with stamina gems are excellent. Also, since you already have the shoulders you'd get the 2 piece bonus of Resilience which would allow you to change out some gear and dip below 490 while remaining essentially above 490. Any Gladiator chest will last you through Kara to Nightbane and the S3 will most likely last until T5.

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