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Thread: Where can I find values for all tanking stats?

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    Where can I find values for all tanking stats?

    Hey, I don't know if there is a single database or page where I can be directed to find the value of a single point of every stat...in relation to each other.

    The current dilemma I have is the decision of Jungle Stompers vs. Boots of Resilient off of Solarian.

    I have weeded it down to +25 stam for resilient vs. +42 Block Value for JStomps.

    So my question is where can I find a place that can tell me the value of +1 stam vs. +1 block value or ratios of dodge/parry etc... ?

    OR can someone tell me if +25 stam is better than +42 Block Value in general? I know stam > BV for EH ad BV > stam for Threat but I mean which trumps the other in pure ratios?


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    Just as a quick answer the stam is the better value. With every bit of damage coming in that 250 life is a permanent buffer between you and death. The block value *can* take 42 damage out of one attack and provide you with a bit more threat but it doesn't do well to try and compare a non-static value against a static value. There is also the fact that stam will receive a very nice boost from Kings and such. I know I'm plugging the EH agenda but I really don't find a point in comparing stats that give such different results. Personal opinion would put me down for 80stam/1sbv, overbalanced I know, but thats what I'd place my priorities on for gearing.

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