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Thread: Opinions on Badge purchases please

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    Opinions on Badge purchases please

    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to get some opinions on my 'thought process' for my badge purchases I will be making. I am a semi-casual player and want to spend my badges wisely. Here's my armory:


    I am currently working on getting my Sha'tari waistguard (1 more run and i'll have it) and been trying for the Eaglecrest boots.

    My plans are to purchase:

    1. Ring of unyielding force
    2. Brooch of deftness
    3. Bracers of Phalanx

    thought being..
    The ring gives me +def and +armor. This allows me to get the brooch for the expertise and replace my present neck and the +def on it. I put the bracers third on the list cause i thought the ring and neck were better upgrades for me at this point.

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    As a semi casual, you can get pretty darned good tanking rings through quests - Ring of unyielding force just isn't that great of an improvement over other available rings (it is better yes, just not THAT much better).

    You won't go wrong with [item]Brooch of Deftness[/item] or [item]Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx[/item]. Both are pretty much unreplaceable. Think about [item]Slikk's Cloak of Placation[/item] as well. If you are just doing heroics for badges, those are 3 cheap and incredible upgrades.
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    The belt is insane, along with the pants. IMO the only thing worth going after before the belt and pants are the bracers because they're cheaper. The belt and pants will blow you up huge, while the neck and ring are really just small upgrades in comparison. Instead of 70 badges for the neck and ring, go for the 75 badge pants. Or if you just can't wait, get the belt for 60.

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    After checking out your armory, you definitely need the belt first [item]Iron-Tusk Girdle[/item]. You're belt isn't even a tanking belt (*edit* forgot you mentioned going after the shat'ari wrought, but still I'd get the belt first). Also get the [item]Adamantine Figurine[/item] from SL.

    Even as a casual player I advise you to find a regular Kara group. 22 badges for 4 or 5 hours is nuts.

    *edit 2* Kara will also get you a free tank epic ring. Violet signet. Pretty sweet.
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    Thanks for the opinions and info. Very good point on the ring, never really looked into that one that much, thanks.

    So should i not being worrying about gearing for items with Expertise at this point and just take that stat as it comes? That was my reasoning behind the order of purchases, to get the Expertise stats on the brooch and then the bracers and then eventually buy the pants and belt if needed.

    Been trying for the figurine but it wont drop for me, dropped the night i wasn't there of course though.

    As far as Kara, i play with a bunch of friends and we're gearing up to start there. I think i'm more then ready but we still have a couple people to finish gearing up and find a few more to fill out the group. I'm excited to go there , but we dont wanna get in over our heads and go in if we know we're not ready.

    Again, thanks for the input.

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    Until you hit 490 def, you shouldn't think about any other stat. After 490, work on armor and health. As you're gearing for armor and health, get expertise and +hit if you can (bracers and brooch, fireguard, king's def). I wouldn't worry about threat until you have a good tank set. After you have a good tank set you can start thinking about holding on to block value items (like the shat'ari belt), which you switch out to when you are doing content you are overgeared for (like non-heroics, some heroics, and when you are doing kara in grulls+ gear).

    Don't even think about kara until you have 490 def. Usually you shouldn't even be in heroics without 490 to be honest.

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    Thanks for all the input nether!

    I must of logged out on my mount, it's showing my carrot instead of my trinket. I think i'm sitting at 491 def plus the resil from the shield. Probably wait for the extra badges needed and grab the pants first, since hopefully i'll be getting the Sha'tari belt this weekend.

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