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Thread: MOD to see all cast bars

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    MOD to see all cast bars

    Is there a MOD that gives you a warning or cast bars for everyone that is within distance to be in your combat log?
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    I am not sure if you want something to show up in your combat log, or just be able to see the cast bar. Pitbull is a unit frame addon that allows you to have cast bars under all the unit frames. The can be sized and such for however you want them. This works for your own frame, target frame, target of target frame, party frame, and even raid frames. If you want to get real crazy you can have targets of party members, main tank, main tank target, focus target, target of focus, so on and so on. There is a lot of options here.

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    Sorry for the unclear post. I wish for a mod that does

    1) Warns me that some mob or pvp person is casting a spell even if I don't have them targeted. Let's say I'm in arena. I'm targeting an enemy druid while an enemy mage is trying to poly my healer, I would want a warning for everyone in my raid that "Mage_Name is casting Polymorph on Target"

    or even better

    2) Just cast bars for all hostile targets even if I'm not targeting them.

    I've tried to setup pitbull before and I didn't see this feature before. Is it there for what I want?
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    Naturs enemy cast bar, would have to play around int he options a bit. That would probably be very cpu intensive to run all spells around you, and clutter your screen really really quickly.

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    Natur EnemyCastBar is one that I have used. And there is another one called witchhunt that I have heard was good, never used it though. NECB does alot of things, all of which can be configured.

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    I'm the guy that does his job. You must be the other guy.

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    x-perl is what i use with archud as my heads up

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