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Thread: To blacksmith or not to blacksmith

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    To blacksmith or not to blacksmith

    So, with a quiet christmas break coming up I plan to finally get my lock into outland and therefore I can put into practice my original plan which was to drop herbing on my main and pick up blacksmithing. The lock is a herb&miner. What I need is so reassurance I'm not mad or alternatively to be told that I am.

    My guild is currently farming kara, 3/6 in ZA, Gruul on farm (one day he might drop his shield) and slowly getting into 25mans - I am MT.

    I have a habit of logging out in weird gear. But basically I have every tank drop from Kara (cept maiden's neck); boots from za, badges bracers, neck, legs and belt; cloak next on the shopping list, shoulders from HKM. My dps gear is a mix of pvp gear, kara drops, chest from za, legs from heroic mech - that sort of thing. As you can tell from the list, the guild I am in has been in kara for months but in the new year we are hopeful of consistently managing to field a 25man team.

    I guess what I'm asking is it worth me making the change now, or just banking the mats til WotlK, and then changing if blacksmithing looks useful. I'm guessing that herbing is not likely to become important for my main to have as long as I have a character who is a herber.

    Looking forward to hearing your views,
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    Honestly, I can't think of anything from blacksmithing that's worth the change for a tank. Since you're moving into ZA, SSC, and the Eye, you're reaching the point where blacksmithing items are on par with the drops available to you. I'd bank the mats and wait.

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