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Thread: Iron Gauntlets vs T4

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    Iron Gauntlets vs T4

    Quite a few weeks ago I received my Iron Gauntlets from Maiden and I dearly love them. I've socketed them with 2 Solid Stars and a +10 Stam armor kit was put on them. Now this evening we down Curator and the T4 drops. After comparing both of the pairs, it doesn't even seem that the T4 gloves -- again with a +10 Stam armor kit -- is an upgrade. T4 gloves do have slightly more avoidance and armor, but I honestly doubt whether dropping 25 Stamina and some Block Value is worth 38 Armor and 0.8% Dodge/Parry is truely an upgrade. What am I missing?

    PS: Is there a formula or online calculator to finding effective health?

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    same thing has happen to me the way i look at it the maiden glove are better than the t4 on a apple to apple comparison. i have their for decided to only replace or stop using the maiden glove if i get another t4 item to get the set bonus which would make the t4 glove better than the Maiden Ones.

    Just my 2 cents : )

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    Iron Gauntlets > T4 for EH/theat, T4 > Iron Gauntlets for avoidance

    P.S: There is an effective health calculator on the front page of Theoryspot
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