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Thread: [Request] Light UI

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    [Request] Light UI

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I would like to introduce myself as well before moving on to the original question.

    My name is Dimitris, 18, Athens - Greece, have been reading your forum/webpage/blogs for a while and has helped me quite abit to build up my warrior's gear.

    To the point...
    My computer is ~3 years old, fps is its worst enemy, and I need a LIGHT UI, with just the essentials, now I know it is easy to just sellect oRA2 Omen and Tank points and have my uberlight UI, but I was thinking, maybe you have better ideas, or already have a light compilation so I won't have to go through the whole "Dont bother me I'm fixing my UI now!" .

    Best regards.

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    Well if you are looking for a light UI, the rule of thumb would be to only use the mods that will add something to your UI that you MUST have. Is Tank Points something that you MUST have in your UI? I would go as far as to say you dont even need oRA2. What portions of the UI are you trying to change? Are you not happy with the Blizz UF's, AB's, Cast Bars, etc? If you can give me the specifics I might be able to come up with a list of mods.

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    I know I don't need oRA2, my guild is bitching about everyone having it so they can check durability (guess that's what some slackers do to the whole raid).
    Tankpoints, I want it simply to be able to have all my stats there at all times, it is NOT essential though.
    To improve my UI's positioning/scale in portions I was thinking of MoveAnything.
    Any ideas?
    I dont wan't anything fancy though the essentials.
    Itemrack I don't think I want to get rid of, it is one of those mods that you need and don't need at the same time , I'll keep that.
    Maybe clearfont too, to spice up things abit, Any ideas of an already existing ui, or anything you can think of?

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