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Thread: Misdirect

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    Is there any addon that let's me see when misdirect is used, what hunter used it and on whom and gives a cd count so i can se when it's ready again?

    I know Bigbrother picks up misdirects but don't give a cd for when it's ready again afaik.

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    I've seen Misdirection Helper used by some hunters. It announces misdirection use and when it fades to the raid.

    It's something the hunters need to install though, not others. And I don't think it tracks the cooldown.

    That's about all I've seen that's even close to what you're asking. Hopefully somebody else will have a better suggestion.

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    bigbrother will anounce misdirection used by who on who as well as wo breaks cc etc but it won't tell you the remaining cd..

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