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Thread: reading WWS

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    reading WWS

    I've been reading these forums for a while and keep hearing about people calculating their actual tps from Wow Web Stats. I want to try looking deeper into this and am looking for help on how you guys do this. At the moment, one of our guild officers is the one who's been recording the logs (warlock). I will be installing the client tonight, so that I can start logging the melee more accurately. Here's a link to one of the fights (VR) that he recorded. Loading...

    Which bosses are the best for measuring tps?

    What sample size do you use for your tps calculations? (10 second window? 20? more?)

    What filters do you use to try to cut down the raw data, without losing any threat generating info?

    I assume the raw data does not have anything to do with threat (beyond dmg dealt, time it took place, and ability name), so I will have to apply a formula to each action. Are there any tools that I could use to simplify/quicken this?

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    Standard boss for measuring TPS potential: Teron Gorefiend
    Sample size kind of irrelevent, because we use a website that calculates the overall TPS from the start of the fight to the end. "Window" based TPS is only for the raid knowing your threat has dropped down so you can tell people to ease off. Obviously, people get negative spikes of TPS in the low hundreds, and then positive spikes at or above 2k when everything crits for a while.

    Filters, again, not necessary

    Here's a post I made about TPS in the other thread, http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/the...html#post55300

    The website that you paste the log info into is
    Kenneth Gant Niebuhr - Online portfolie

    (You click on the tank's page for the WWS, and then put that URL in.)

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