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Thread: Requesting advise for Mount Hyjal

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    Requesting advise for Mount Hyjal

    So, my guild has finally gotten over the hump that is Kael, and we have probably 80% of the guild now keyed for Mt. Hyjal (with most of those also BT keyed, but we haven't hit there yet).

    We've dropped boss 1 a couple of times now, but we just cannot seem to survive the second boss + trash well enough to allow for something to go wrong.

    On a good attempt, we will clear all the trash, have everyone standing buffed with full mana before the boss reaches us - and then watch as healers get taken out by swarm/sleep/swarm triple hits, or Inferals landing on a healer, then bouncing to others before the add tanks manage to gain aggro on them. Or we'll lose our only paladin tank on the trash, which I estimate means that we now take at least 50% to longer to clear that wave, which throws us too far behind the fresh spawns and we are not ready for the boss when he reaches us.

    *Note: I never want to face Hyjal trash without a pally tank having experienced having one.*

    On attempts were we've gotten the raid in good shape at the time the boss hits us, we are typically getting him to 50-60% before too many healers are down and the wipe occurs - we've had one attempt were we beat 50%, but lost too many dps (instead of healers) and had a 3% enraged wipe.

    *Note: when he enraged, he hit me for 33.8k damage, after blocking 570+.*

    Any advice that somebody can throw my way? For layout, we currently have 2 Infernal tanks, healers forming a circle around the boss tank location and dps spread over around a 180 degree arc (with all healers in that arc standing far enough back to be hopefully out of swarm range, but still able to heal the attackers)

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    Trash gets easier. We lead in with a warrior with reflect up. Generally that reflects to all the mobs and leaves the warrior with aggro on them when they come unsheeped. Mages are FTW. We use two pally tanks, a warrior, and a druid(me).

    For the boss, one pally tanks, the warrior stays in prot gear, debuffs and helps the infernal tank as needed. The other pally heals, and I tank infernals.

    We do not have anyone stand outside of the swarm range. We have a single Infernal tank, and tank it within 15 yards of the boss. The raid is spread out 360 degrees, with assigned locations for healers, and not many behind melee. Everyone focuses the infernal, not counting melee, who are busy keeping MS/wounds on the boss. Tank close to the infernal, so it breaks your sleep, when that happens. Call out if you get slept between infernals, and have a warrior or w/e pull the next one to you.

    I wear 365 FR and high armor. We do not usually have a shaman online, so I wear the full amount (I am in the melee group for my crit buff.) The infernal does not do very much damage, and we will usually have me tank the last two, while burning the boss.

    When someone gets targeted for infernal, they need to be on the run. It should not stun them. Make sure melee does not run right over the MT and stun him with the infernal. There should only be any infernal deaths if you decide to have the tank tank more than one at the end. Whoever gets that last infernal usually dies to the one that I drag over them. :P BTW, yell at people who don't get out of your way when you are moving an infernal. That's just plain retarded.

    Edit: Also, I will use the first infernal to get Jaina into the fight.
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    Call out the infernal targets, and have them run back to the tank spot as the infernal comes down. We've only needed one infernal tank (paladin for ranged taunt) works fine if the targets of the infernals do their best to help him out. We tank them quite a ways back, so most of the ranged DPS can be at max range from the boss, and max range from the infernal, keeping the infernal healers out of range.

    Make sure to spread the healers out and communicate about who's silenced, so others can help out, or the tank can pop trinkets / last stand etc if it's especially bad. We post up a solo MT healer on opposite sides to the left and right of the entrance at max range from the tank, with no one around them. One of those two guys will always be up. The other main raid healers are spread out around the back with the DPS for raid healing.

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    we do things the hard way (or at least last night we did) - 3 prot warriors as tanks on the trash (we usually have 4 warriors) who just spam their imp TC and usual threat rotation to keep hold of the mobs.

    given that you say you can usually get through the trash, there's no point labouring that - just keep on doing what you're doing.

    for the boss we have 1 tank on the boss and one on the infernals. the infernal tank stays put and it is the job of the raid member who is tagetted to get to the tank in time. this is very easily do-able if people focus up and start moving as soon as they know they are targetted.

    rest of the raid spread sufficiently out and DPS switches rapidly between infernals when they're up and the boss when not.

    - DW

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    Infernals are taunt Inmune, however having a paladin that can either Avenger Shield or Exorcism them make things A LOT easier. Two key things in this event:
    - Healers should never be in the same position. Each swarm should hit a maximum of 2 healers at a time. Infernal tank's healers can outrange the swarm and never be affected by it. Prayer of Mending, Lifebloom and Earth shield counts as a heal of the target; this means that if the MT hasn't been debuffed they will heal for the entire amount.
    - Put -% healing debuffs in the boss. Either MS or Wound poison.

    In summary, TBC raiding is easy. 9/10 encounters can be summarized with 1 phrase. Stay out of the fucking fire.
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    My guild did it differently than all the listed strat here. Anatheron has a ridiculous long enrage timer, with alot of splash damage. The problem is if even one or two range dps dies by accident, it causes a chain reaction of infernals not dying fast enough -> overwhelmed by infernals -> wipe. We decided to handle this behavior by splitting our dps teams in two. All melee on Anatheron, and all range dps on Infernals (except hunters).

    This may seem counter-intuitive, but Anatheron is a big sad joke once we moved most of our range dps out of his swarm reach. We only needed 2 raid healers to keep the melee dps alive from the swarm, as well as helping out with our infernal tank healer if needed (1 pally is usually more than enough). The hunters who stayed on Anatheron are responsible for kiting spawned infernal to the infernal tank. Occsionally we tolerate some ambitous range dps to run up real quick and pile on the DoTs while waiting for infernal to spawn, but make sure to make fun of them outragenously if they get killed from not knowing how to time between swarms. =3

    As for MT healers, we use 4 total, all spread out in a circle around the MT to minimize swarm debuff. At least one of the MT healers should also be a shaman to help chain heal melee dps.

    This method takes longer to kill him, but it significantly reduces the strain of spalsh damage healing when half of your dps makeup will hardly take any damage in the whole encounter (unless they pulled from the infernal tank....). We've been one-shotting this guy since we adapted this strat a few months back.

    Hope this helps.

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