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Thread: Badge Chest

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    Badge Chest

    Didn't know if I should post this in the current discussion or start a new thread, but I decided to post it separately to avoid hijacking.

    Anyway, I just got the new badge breastplate because it was such a huge HP and armor upgrade over the Breastplate of the Bold. I know that the +spell damage is a wasted stat, but I was wondering if it would have an effect on anything we do. Here are my thoughts on some of the abilities/spells we have that might get a slight boost:

    Heroic Strike? (Probably not, but thought I'd check)
    Damage abilities activated when I get hit (i.e. Thorns, Darkmoon card, Stormchops, etc)
    Rocket Launcher (I use this all the time for multiple tank pulls)
    Battlemaster enchant

    Any thoughts on if these or other things we use might get a small bonus from the +spell damage? I'm not suggesting this makes it a good idea to search for more pally gear to tank in, but this particular piece is so good for EH its interesting to think about what else it might do for me.


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    Nope, it doesn't affect any of those (except possibly the Battlemaster enchant).

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    I wish they left TC as nature damage, it really didn't make much of a difference, it was always the threat and never the damage. Atleast this way some of this retarded itemization would help us a bit =)

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    Well, since the threat is based on the damage, it is the damage.
    "We actually talked today about adding an item level 300 shirt that did absolutely nothing but mess with mods that attempt to boil down players to gear scores. " -Ghostcrawler

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